How To Get a .EDU email address account and the discount benefits

( SEPTEMBER 2018 UPDATE.The service still works!!)

Not most people are aware of this, however, you don’t have to be a student or teacher to get a .EDU email address. Technically, that’s who this kind of email account is made for, but there are creative ways that you can gain the perks of an .EDU email without actually being connected with a school.I will give you a new and valid edu email account that you can use to access discounts from a variety of online vendors.Including UNiDAYS!

Your email will be:

NEW - Meaning these are not stolen or hacked,you will be the only one who has access to it and the first person to use it.It is yours and yours alone.You will be able to set your own password,security question and even recovery phone.
FULL INBOX ACCESS - Meaning you will be able to login,send and receive emails as you wish.
DISCOUNT READY - As these are from established institutions you will be able to get discounts from all the available online vendors that provide discounts for .edu email holders.
UNDER YOUR NAME - As per what appears on the order confirmation otherwise you can provide me with a different name that you want once ordering.
DELIVERED - To you within 24hrs or less depending on availability and workload as well as timezone(I have delivered in under 30 minutes before.)

Just click on the order link and let me handle the rest!!

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There are many benefits to using a .EDU email. This type of email account means that you are either a student or perhaps in some way affiliated with a school (teacher or staff), often a college or university. The .EDU email is de facto the net equivalent of creating a physical student ID. It also offers you a variety of discounts, freebies and deals.

                                                Get Your New .EDU Email Account


Benefits of .EDU Email Address with variety of discounts,freebies and special deals.

Let’s look at just some benefits that come with an .EDU email address. I keep this list constantly updated with the best .EDU email perks.If you guys know of UNiDAYS.You should then know all the discounts that come with that account including apple music and so many other apparel retailers and yes,these EDU work with them as well.

  •     Amazon Student - This is probably the most desirable perks of your .EDU email. Amazon Prime permits you to get free two-day shipping on many products. Members will also get access to Kindle books, music and movies as well as free photo storage. Ordinarily, Amazon Prime costs $99 a year, after a 30 day free trial version. For a time, Amazon was giving students an entire year at no cost. It has ended up reduced to 6 months (and 50% off afterwards), but this still gives you a chance to enjoy many benefits            

                                      Lifetime EDU email account

  • Prezi Educators and students who will be using a .EDU email can enjoy this cloud-based software with Zooming User Interface (ZUI) to make beautiful presentations for FREE.  A special reduced price is also available in order to upgrade on an unlimited storage and maximize its powerful features.
  •  Powtoon Students and teachers alike is now able to create beautifully animated videos and presentations they might use to create learning fun and engaging.  You can do it for free or have a look at their premium accounts exclusive for educators and students.
  •   Best BuyBest Buy offers exclusive deals for college students, once you sign up and confirm your .EDU email.

                                   Apple Music and UNiDAYS edu account

  •  Web Hosting Many web hosting services provide a 50% discount to .EDU email account holders,with digitalocean giving you a $50 coupon. Notable ones are Dreamhost, Bluehost, Inmotion Hosting and Siteground. Namecheap will give you a free .ME domain and other perks here.
  • UNiDAYS - With a valid EDU email address you get access to unidays that you can you use to get discounts from all sorts of online vendors from as far as flowers to apparel.
  •   AWeber The #1 rated email marketing service provides a 20% discount for students with .EDU or .AC email. (get extra discount with our exclusive AWeber coupons).
  •   LastPass Get six months of LastPass free premium and have all your passwords kept safe and stored in one location.
  •  Microsoft -The PC and software giant offers several attractive benefits to holders of .EDU email addresses. One perk is a substantial discount on operating systems such as Windows 7. Getting Office 365 for free is another. The Microsoft Dreamspark  program provides many types of free software to students and academic institutions.
                                   click for edu email in under 24hrs. 
  •  iMazing – Seamlessly manage and in many cases transfer your files out of your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac for your PC or any iOS device by using this amazing application. .EDU email customers can download iMazing with 30% discount from the original price utilizing the iMazing Educational Licenses Program.
  •  LucidChart – A web-based diagram software and flow chart maker, LucidChart, is entirely FREE for college students and teachers who may have valid .EDU emails.  This application was designed to help its users create professional-looking flowcharts, website wireframes, mind maps, organizational charts, and also other diagram types.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud- Adobe, one of the world’s leading software companies, provides a generous 60% discount to students and teachers on many programs and apps 
  • Newegg – First year of Newegg Premier is free of charge once you provide your email, and  50% off afterwards. Premier advantages of this computers and software retailer act like Prime benefits in Amazon.
  • Autodesk -  This software company provides free engineering, animation and design software to students and the ones associated with academic institutions. Some of the applications that are most notable programs are Fusion 360, 3ds Max, Revit, Maya and AutoCAD.
                                                  .Get Your OWN edu email here.                                  
  • Apple -You may be able to get discounts on many desirable Apple products with a .EDU email account.You can save upto $200 on apple products.
  • Dell – Avail an exclusive discount to all Dell products for students with valid .EDU email accounts to enhance their education.  Join their Member Purchase Program for University Students to enjoy these amazing deal 
  •  Dropbox -This service is handy to all those who have lots of files they need to store inside cloud. While everyone can get a free Dropbox account, you can find limits how much storage you obtain. With a .EDU email, you have an extra 500 mb of space, which translates to a lot of photos or documents. 
  • Spotify – The online music streaming service gives a 50% discount on the premium plan to students based in the US. 
  •  Norton -Students can purchase some of the best known anti-virus software and other programs at a 50% discount.
  • Github -Github for education will give you access to alot of developer tools free for students.
  • Mindsumo - With a valid .EDU email,you get access to mindsumo where you help companies solve challenges and win cash.

                                   Get amazon Prime Student edu email

  If You’re a College Graduate or,If you’re no longer a student currently but have graduated from a certified college or university, you may be qualified to apply for a .EDU current email address as an alumnus. You can contact the alumni department of your respective college and learn if this is possible.Otherwise I would highly suggest you click any of the links above to get yourself a new edu email account in under 24 hrs and start enjoying your discounts.